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Our signature umbrella, Be Sunshine, is beautifully crafted to be innovative in purpose and function. With a waterproof case, lined with micro-fiber enhanced towel, Umby can be stored in your bag wet or dry. 

This umbrella is on a mission: to bring sunshine to all your rainy days and support a family in need with one year of insurance.

Made with a recycled frame, windproof canopy and towel-lined case, throw it in your bag and be ready for whatever adventures your day brings!

Made with bamboo handle, recycled aluminum frame and recycled plastic canopy

Unique vented canopy allows wind to escape making the umbrella windproof

The microfiber towel lined case is waterproof and allows you to carry your umbrella wet or dry

The durable and recycled canopy provides UV protection so you can enjoy this umbrella in sun and rain

Customer Reviews

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Umbrella Beauty

The pictures don’t even describe how beautiful umbrella & case actually look. It’s a piece art from handle to intricate details of the carrying case.

My favorite umbrella

I live in California and use my Umby mostly for sun protection as we hardly ever get rain. The best part is that the Umby is not black, as most umbrellas are, so I stay nice and cool under it as I hide from the sun’s rays. The tote bag that comes with it feels luxurious with it’s terry lined interior. I also appreciate the satisfying “whooomp!” sound it makes when I push the button to open it. When I saw this umbrella made from my favorite color that also had a social conscience, I knew I had to buy!

Janine Kingston

Love this umbrella,!

A W (Skip) Brown
Let it Rain, Let it Shine - This is such a great Idea!

I am one of the on air folks at public radio and read about your support of farmers and crop insurance. If it never rains again I believe this is a brilliant idea. Thanks for what you are doing. I hope you completely run out of stock and have thousands of backorders! For our holiday season, this is the gift that will carry the most emotional weight.

A Beautiful Thing

It hasn't rained since I received my Yellow, but it's well worth the cause.

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Our signature case, named after our closest star - the sun, is waterproof and made from recycled plastic bottles. This sunshine yellow case is lined with towel!

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